Cyclone Rake Blog: October 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Cost of Landscaping in the United States: An Infographic

Did you know that homeowners in the United States spend a total of $44.7 billion on lawn care and landscape services per year? There are many ways to reduce the cost of professional landscaping services, including doing it yourself, shopping wisely, and working with what you have. Simple DIY tasks such as cleaning up leaves and mowing the lawn yourself can eliminate a need for professional services. The Cyclone Rake will not only help you get lawn care done quickly and efficiently while saving you money, but it will also eliminate any worry of injuries due to the manual labor associated with traditional lawn care tools. You can also comparison shop and time your purchase of plants and landscaping items. Even preserving your current lawn and landscape can help you save. View the infographic below to learn more.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cyclone Rake vs. Traditional Rake: An Infographic

We’ve created an infographic to illustrate the facts and to better understand the benefits of the Cyclone Rake over the traditional methods of fall leaf clean-up. The Cyclone Rake offers the benefit of eliminating the strain from constantly bending over while raking and bagging leaves, therefore making leaf removal and other aspects of lawn care much easier on your body. The Cyclone Rake turns what would normally be a back-breaking chore into an easy, efficient process. View the infographic below to understand why the Cyclone Rake is the better option for you.

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