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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Southern Tree Debris

            Trees bring unbelievable beauty to the southern U.S. Pines, oaks, hickory, black walnut and other hardwoods are prominent native trees of southern forests and landscapes. And baldcypress, sycamore, willow, blackgum and many other distinctive southern trees characterize the coastal lowlands. These southern giants add great beauty to the home landscape, too – and can also create plenty of debris for cleanup in the yard.
            Pine needles and pine cones carpet many southern forests – and picking up pine cones and raking pine straw (needles) are standard cleanup chores in many southern yards. Longleaf pine needles are a main source of pine straw used in landscaping. Prickly pine cones, from pine trees including loblolly pine, pitch pine, sand pine and shortleaf pine, also create ground debris. Other pines – like Eastern white pine and Virginia pine – may not have cones that are as prickly, but still require cleanup of both pine cones and needles.
Sycamore leaf ready to fall. 
            Southern deciduous hardwood trees also drop plenty of debris. Oaks lose leaves and acorns in the fall. Nut hulls and nutshells from other hardwoods, like black walnut and hickory, can remain near trees long into the next summer. Leaves, seeds, twigs, seedpods, and other debris from other southern trees also create plenty of debris: cottonwood, maple, coral bean, locust, mimosa and sycamore. Fruit and berries not snatched up by birds – from trees like hackberry, sugarberry and beautyberry – can also remain in the yard. And some distinctive Southern trees, like catalpa and Kentucky coffee bean, drop unique seedpods needing to be cleaned up annually.
            Southern homeowners are accustomed to the chores required to maintaining the beauty of their yardscapes. These tasks include picking up pine cones; raking pine straw; raking and blowing oak leaves and acorns; and raking and removing twigs, pods and other tree debris, from fall through spring. The Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum, which attaches to a riding lawnmower, is also a possible solution for saving time in caring for southern lawns and landscapes. It can make tree debris cleanup much less time-consuming, giving homeowners in the South more time and energy to tend flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables – or to simply sit back with a cold drink and enjoy the beauty of southern trees.

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