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Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Yard Equipment

      It’s the start of a new year, and the middle of winter, meaning lawn care may seem far from your mind. But it’s never too soon to make sure your lawn and garden tools and supplies are ready to go for spring - and resolving to keep your yard tools well-maintained is a New Year’s resolution that may prove possible to keep. Start this year out right, with some time in your garage, storage shed or barn, making sure maintenance is up-to-date for all the tools you’ll need this spring – or finishing routine maintenance that may have slipped by before the holidays.
            Pay special attention to all the engines in your care: lawnmowers, lawn tractors,
trimmers and weedeaters, and other engine-powered machines, such as the Cyclone SuperHauler. Late fall and winter is a good time for replacing spark plugs and changing oil, if you forgot that task after the lawn care season. Use fluids according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, always storing fluids in approved containers and disposing used oil properly. Inspect and clean or replace filters as needed. Be sure mower decks are clean and blades are sharp, ready for the first grass cutting in the spring. If you send your lawn tractor to a mechanic for an annual tune-up, make that appointment now and beat the spring rush.
            Then, take time to inspect and maintain the moving parts on your tools – including tools without an engine. Many machines, from lawnmowers to lawn shears, have moving parts needing only an occasional application of grease or oil. Apply lubricants as needed, being sure to follow the guidelines in owner’s manuals. If you forgot to give a final fall cleaning for lawn equipment in storage, like the Cyclone Rake and other tools, take some time to be sure they are cleaned and stored properly. Inspect all the tires and wheels on your tools for excessive or unusual wear, which may signal a need for replacement or additional maintenance. It’s not too late to apply a coat of linseed oil to condition and preserve wooden tool handles, in case you overlooked that task in the fall.

            Yard care supplies also include things without moving parts, like fertilizer and seed and other soil amendments. Always store fertilizers and seeds in a dry location; keep grass seed left from last year in a cool place, like a basement, where the seed will not freeze. And use these winter months to take stock of your supplies, making a list for supplies needed closer to spring. That will help you meet the aim of your New Year’s resolution for maintaining lawn equipment and supplies: a truly beautiful, healthy lawn and garden.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyclone Superhauler Makes Moving Firewood Easy

Hauling firewood with a wheelbarrow can be a time-consuming task. The new CycloneSuperhauler makes it simpler to move firewood from the truck or woods to the woodpile. And, with a hauling capacity of up to 800 pounds, the Superhauler brings power and stability to other jobs year-round.
            The Cyclone Superhauler has four wheels, an advantage over trying to balance a load of firewood moved on one or two wheels. The powerful and efficient Briggs & Stratton InStart engine, combined with a U.S.-made no-shift hydrostatic transmission, keeps the loads moving at a steady and stable pace.

            Four wheels also provide hauling stability up and down slopes. The Terra-Traction locking differential drive, quickly engaged with a tap of the foot pedal, gives fuller traction on steep slopes, mud and sand. This makes it easier to bring firewood from the woods to your woodpile – and can reduce the chance for the load spilling on the way.
            Greater load stability also makes it easier to move more wood, faster. Firewood can be stacked in the SuperHauler standard bulk bin or the one-of-a-kind solid-steel FlexiDeck. The FlexiDeck adds versatility for hauling larger items like fence, posts, logs, branches and hay or straw bales.
            The SuperHauler has two front wheel options, turf or all-terrain. Turf tires are gentle on lawns and provide great traction on smooth surfaces – perfect for hauling firewood from the truck, down the driveway and across the yard. All-terrain tires are well-suited for bringing firewood home across mud and sand, the kinds of terrain that can easily bog down other carts and wheelbarrows.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Cleaning Your Yard before Setting It Up For Halloween

Decorating the yard for Halloween is more popular than ever, with some fall yard setups designed to extend beyond Halloween and toward Thanksgiving. Whether you’re getting your yard ready for this season or the next, the Cyclone Rake and Cyclone SuperHauler are some of the most helpful tools around.
Clearing the yard for fall decorations usually involves removing leaves. Raking leaves can be a backbreaking task; even harder can be moving and disposing leaves after they are raked. The Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum takes care of that problem. The Cyclone Rake is easily attached to your riding lawnmower and vacuums up shredded leaves, making them easy to unload. The compact load of leaves can be easily dumped for the compost pile or spread for mulch around flower beds and in gardens.
            Decorating the yard can mean hauling heavy decorations from the garage, storage shed or a vehicle. The Cyclone SuperHauler has a large hauling capacity and the ability to maneuver loads over even difficult terrain. The SuperHauler offers stability for heavy loads, reducing the risk of dropping decorations or having them spill out of a wheelbarrow.

            The SuperHauler is also perfect for moving a load of pumpkins from the car. With an 800-pound capacity, the SuperHauler would be the tool of choice to maneuver all your pumpkins into place. The SuperHauler also has a convenient Flexi-Deck option, which adjusts to haul large objects – just in case you find a great big pumpkin to be your yard’s centerpiece this fall.