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Friday, December 23, 2016

What to Do with All the Snow?

            A snowy landscape creates a seasonal wonderland around in your yard and woods. Snow in your driveway, however, begs for removal. Here are some ways you and your family can stay active this winter while putting that snow to good use, as well as how to avoid snow-related lawn headaches in the spring.
            Before you break out the shovel, snow blower or tractor, consider your kids. They are likely just itching to play in some snow, and the snow in your driveway may be the perfect raw material for building the family of snowmen or the stockade of snow forts. Rolling up snowballs for building snowmen, by using snow from the driveway, can also keep the yard covered with snow. This both looks nice and can help insulate your grass and plants when temperatures take the next arctic plunge.

            Your biggest challenge may be keeping the kids from suspecting that they’re really part of your Driveway Cleanup Operation. So be sure to stay out there, with your shovel or snow blower, aiding their efforts to harvest snow from the driveway. This will keep up morale and keep your whole family staying active in the winter outdoors. It may also help you keep big piles of snow from being deposited in the middle of the yard. Slow-melting snow piles in the lawn can promote turf diseases, like snow mold, in the spring. Also keep this in mind if sledding starts to happen in the middle of your yard, as heavily-packed snow can bring similar spring challenges.

            Of course, there are always tradeoffs: What’s a little snow mold in the spring, really, when the kids are having so much fun outside? If you are looking to preserve certain parts of the yard, suggest the youngsters place their snow forts and other winter building projects in the woods, where grass conditions may not be of such great concern. And don’t forget to help them deposit snow on the fort, or at the building site. That may also keep away later accusations that they have actually been part of your driveway cleanup plans (Maybe).